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كيفية إستخدام جهاز PCA لتسكين الألم

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

save your pump save your medications

always make sure that your pump has the medicine return key that makes you able to evacuate the pump and modify your protocol anytime

some uses of this key: 1- allergy to any drug of the protocol. 2- the patient is drowsy because of the concentrated protocol and you need to dilute. 3- the patient is in pain and you want to add more dose of narcotics with proper mixing. 4- you need to add more drugs with more volume while overfilling is absolutely forbidden. 5- there was a mistake in preparing the protocol. in the past, in all these cases you had to discard the pump and the precious protocol . But now with the medicine return key you can save your pump and your medications.

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