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medical service products

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

our products in medical service field:

e IDisposable Infusion Pump (PCA):


dDidgdsosable Infusion Pump (PCA):

A medical device used to obtain continuous infusion of solutions for clinical treatment and pain management solutions.

Disposable infusion pump in Egypt produced by Zhejiang Fert Medical Device Co., ltd.

Capital Gate is also the exclusive agent for this product in countries (Saudi Arabia - UAE - Kuwait - Morocco)

Surgical cleaning of wounds becomes easy with the Capital Gate pulse lavage. The only exclusive agent in the Arab Republic of Egypt


the GlucoMen Day® CGM is a real-time subcutaneous Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Thanks to the unique GlucoMen Day® CGM Sensor technology the tiny Sensor wire is inserted under the skin without any guide needle, with reduced risk of insertion pain and bleeding.

1. face shield :

2. face mask :

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