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PCA (disposable infusion pump)

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Disposable Infusion Pump (PCA):

 A medical device used to obtain continuous infusion of solutions for clinical treatment and pain management solutions.


Patients who need to receive intravenous infusions for several hours extending sometimes to several days are obliged to stay in bed all this period in a certain position maintaining.

the solution in a certain level to maintain pressure necessary for administration. This is a very common practice on a daily basis in medicine in form of administration of ( Analgesic ,Vitamins, Chemotherapy,…).

Now with the new concept of Disposable Infusion Pump the patient can receive IV solutions for hours or days while being freely mobile, waking, moving wherever he wants.


1- Pain management: chronic or postoperative acute pain after all most common types of (orthopedic – plastic –bariatric -obstetric …..) surgeries with additional bolus dose over constant  intervals for more comfort and pain relieve.

2- Chemotherapy:  Delivery of highly accurate calculated dose and flow rate of all chemotherapeutic agents.

3- Fluid replacement therapy.

4- Medications: Antibiotics, vitamins or IVIG can be infused accurately with different volumes and flowrates.


1- Provide free patient mobility, patient is not obliged to stay in bed during infusion of the drug.

2- Easy to be used by medical professionals or patients themselves according to instructions of use.

3- Contains Bolus key to obtain additional calculated dose of analgesics over constant intervals according to doctor instructions.

4- Used during anesthesia in operation rooms.

5- Used for fluid replacement of all volumes of required solutions with all flowrates.

6- Available in different volumes with all flow rates.

7- Exclusively in our Brand availability of filling or evacuating medicines after filling anytime through medicine return key.     

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